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People often ask me what kind of pictures I take.   Usually I’m at a loss to offer a neat little categorical description for the work I do.  Like the bulk of photographers, I have booked my share of weddings and portraits.  Commercial work has also helped pay the bills.  I have photographed community and special events for the chamber and the paper.  The truth is this…  my preference is the freedom to shoot whatever catches my eye (I’m not unique in this).  Seriously.  Living in such a beautiful place, naturally I capture quite a number of landscapes.  I also have a penchant for architecture.  Children at play fascinate me.  The list goes on.  At some point, I realized that when it comes to photography, I’m really an opportunist.  Oh sure, there are always shots which are well planned out but mostly I like to “shoot from the hip” as they say.  It’s fun to leave the house hoping for sunrise shots without knowing specifically where I’m headed.  I travel back roads a lot.  I follow the light.  I wander into town on a busy day with a good zoom lens.  I find magic in unexpected places.  I also see beauty where many people do not.

While I have begun to think of myself as an opportunist, that doesn’t mean I just “take” photos.  I “make” photographs.  My goal is not to exhibit snapshots, although they certainly have their place.  No, there is indeed creative vision behind my work.  I shoot digital but just like a photographer who shoots film, much toil remains behind the scenes.  For film, the work is in the darkroom and for digital, it’s the computer.  I can spend hours tweaking photographs before they truly express my feelings and reflect my artistic intentions.
Please join me on a journey.  It may be travel photography or just a trip to my own backyard.  It could be a discussion of equipment or technique.  Sometimes it will be the sharing of work by a photographer I admire or one of my own recent shoots.  Occasionally, I’ll share a fabulous geographical location that you just must explore on your own.  Whatever it is, let’s take this trip together.  Let’s discover styles and new ways of viewing the same old thing.  Let’s push ourselves to improve.

Lyana aka the Opportunist


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