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Images from the Beehive Collective’s 7th Annual Blackfly Ball

The Beehive Design Collective is a 100% volunteer-driven non-profit political organization that uses graphic media as educational tools to communicate stories of resistance to corporate globalization. The purpose of the group, based in Machias, Maine, is to “‘Cross-pollinate the grassroots” by creating collaborative, anti-copyright images that can be used as educational and organizing tools. The Beehive Collective is most renowned for its large format pen and ink posters, which seek to provide a visual alternative to deconstruction of complicated social and political issues ranging from globalization, free trade, militarism, resource extraction, and biotechnology.

Dancing on the Machias River at Bad Little Falls Park

Gazing at the giant mural

Beehive Design Collective posters

I was so struck by the blue, red, and yellow which just popped out at me in the night.

Love the swirling falls below.

This Blackfly backdrop is amazing.  Sadly, the stage was partially covered due to rain.

This guy’s only costume was his blue umbrella with ears.

Thought I’d play with some blur and color.  Love the way the power lines seem to skewer the puffs of smoke and fireworks explosion.

All the beautiful artwork printed on fabric “patches” were stuffed in pockets of these hanging quilts.  Gorgeous.

My last shot of fireworks over the river before removing my camera from the dangers of rain


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