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Photographing Architecture

Architecture has a magnetism which attracts a wide audience. We’ve all seen buildings and bridges which amaze us for one reason or another. We often want a picture to remember the place. It’s a thrill to share our experiences with others through photographs. The trouble is that often the photos just aren’t very interesting. Taking a full-on frontal shot of a structure will certainly remind you of what you saw but it’s boring. It’s especially tedious for others to peruse your shots and feel none of the emotion that you did at the time. Avoid the typical snapshot. Instead, look for interesting angles. If the structure is a bridge, try to get beneath it. Can you get a shot from the roof of an adjacent building? Zoom in. Pick some very interesting trim work or peeling paint. Capture funky windows up close. Use a wide angle lens if you want to get the whole building in the photo and shoot from a low spot. Opt for black and white. Play up symmetry. Take advantage of any reflections in the building itself or any nearby. Get creative. I hope you’ll find inspiration in the images below.



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